An Open Letter to Politicians and PACs


Dear Politicians and Political Action Committees:

I am a registered voter who participates in every election.   I take the time to research candidate positions and make an informed decision before casting my vote. However, there are also other things I take into consideration when deciding who gets my vote:

1) I want to hear what YOU plan to do in office, about YOUR accomplishments and experiences.  When you start trashing your opponent, I stop listening.

2) I don’t respond well to fear tactics.  When you compare the current administration to burglars invading my home, I stop listening.

3)  When the narrator in your ad sounds like an actor in a B grade horror movie, I hit the mute button.

4) This is a mid-term election.  When you start trashing politicians running in other states or not even running at all, I stop listening. Keep it local and relevant.

5) I don’t consider “career politician” to be a necessarily bad thing.  When you dismiss a candidate’s long list of accomplishments because they’ve been in office for more than one term, I stop listening.

6) Every candidate who has ever run for office has promised to reform Albany and/or Washington.  Come up with a new line.  Actions speak louder than empty promises.

7) When you are in interviewed or take part in a debate, answer the questions you are asked. Evading the question because you don’t like it doesn’t fool anyone.

8) Just because you repeat something over and over doesn’t make it true. Give it a rest and get a real position.

9) Your opponent is not the anti-Christ/she-devil/evil witch.  He/she is probably a good person with good intentions, just like you. Treat your fellow candidates with respect and engage in meaningful debates, not mud slinging.

10) I expect elected officials to be role models for tolerance and fairness.  When you denounce an entire group of people for their choices/beliefs/actions, you’ve automatically lost my vote.


A Frustrated Voter

About karenft

I am 56, divorced mother of three, librarian by profession. I am an avid reader and chocoholic, like photography, writing, gardening, board games, cooking and walking. I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities--bicycling, hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking--but never seem to have the time for participating these days. Soon, I hope.
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