About “At Least “

I freely admit to borrowing the title for this blog from Stephen McCauley’s most recent  book, “Insignificant Others” (Simon & Schuster, 2010).   Richard, the main character, likes to make mental lists of his shortcomings in qualified form:   At least I didn’t…..

This appealed to me.  I’ve been thinking of starting a new blog.  My old one was full of a lot of whining about post-divorce life.  I don”t want to revisit that, but neither am I ready for an Oprah-type gratitude journal where I would only list the wonderful things that happen in life, because frankly, life ain’t always so grand these days.

Richard’s “at least” format offers the opportunity for a semi-optimistic and self-deprecating  outlook and I think I can handle that.    Who knows, maybe Oprah’s way will be next.  😉

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