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I am 56, divorced mother of three, librarian by profession. I am an avid reader and chocoholic, like photography, writing, gardening, board games, cooking and walking. I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities--bicycling, hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking--but never seem to have the time for participating these days. Soon, I hope.


This time of year talk always turns to the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. I joke every year that my resolution is not to make any resolutions.  I feel that making them is akin to setting myself up to fail. … Continue reading

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In recent months, I’ve become interested in…okay, obsessed! with the world of fan fiction. I had no idea this even existed until last year, when an online friend mentioned that she wrote fan fiction for a particular show.  I went … Continue reading

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Olfactory Memories

I was taking a shower the other morning without my contacts in yet, reached for a bar of soap and wham!  it was like my ex was in the shower with me. WTH?  I had inadvertently grabbed a bar of … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Politicians and PACs

AN OPEN LETTER TO POLITICIANS AND PAC’S IN THIS CONTENTIOUS ELECTION Dear Politicians and Political Action Committees: I am a registered voter who participates in every election.   I take the time to research candidate positions and make an informed decision … Continue reading

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My Love Affair with a Device

I bought myself an iPhone a few months ago, just before the new 4G version came out.  I  have a great affection for my new phone.  In fact, I probably have more affection for it than is right to have … Continue reading

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Six Weeks Clean

So, six weeks later and I’m still eating clean.  I’m very pleased with myself!  I can’t say that I follow the plan perfectly, but I follow it well enough that most junk food doesn’t appeal to me–and when I do … Continue reading

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Thanks to Oz I Have a New Vocabulary!

I  recently began watching the series “Oz” on DVD.  It was an HBO original series that ran for six years, beginning in 1997.   I learned about the show while doing… research…. about actor Chris Meloni, and learned that he … Continue reading

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